• Deluxe size headset for Internet chatting and music enjoyment
  • Rubber microphone easy to bend
  • Coil up cable prevents cable tangles
  • Adjustable headband
  • In-line volume control and microphone mute

Deluxe Full-Size Headset for Comfort

Cozier Sound Enjoyment

Get into clear sound enjoyment with the HS-05A from Genius. This deluxe full-size-ear cup design prevents any ear discomfort from long time usage; its adjustable headband and leather ear pads make it flexible to fit closer to your head contour. The rubber microphone can be bent to any ideal position so you can transmit better voice quality, and its coil-up cable prevents any tangles on your tabletop. The volume can be easily adjusted by the in-line control. The HS-05A design makes your life comfortable with pleasure, whenever listening to your favorite music, playing games, or Internet chatting. It’s time to try the HS-05A for the comfort, just contact your sales representative for more information.
Type Head-band
Retractable/Coil-up cabl Coil-up cable
Mic mute YES
Volume Control YES
Microphone YES